How to register for the Seatrout Troublemaker

Submitted by LCT Staff on September, Sep 21, 2016

How to register on the iAngler Tournament system

(This is the app you need for the Seatrout Troublemaker)

  1. Visit
  2. On top right of screen, select green “register” button.
  3. Complete info, accept terms.

Now you are ready to register for the Seatrout Troublemaker!

  2. Peruse site, familiarize yourself with rules, etc.
  3. Select “register” button at top menu, follow steps.

You can also download the app and complete the process on your mobile device!

  1. Visit app store, search iAngler Tournament, install – register in system. Then find the Seatrout Troublemaker by touching the magnifying glass icon at the bottom and scrolling the tournament. Now you can register!
  2. App and website are linked, once created your username and password work in both.


How to log your catch during the tournament

  1. Open the iAngler Tournament app when you start your fishing day.
  2. When a fish is brought to the boat, select “log a catch” on the app.
  3. Press the camera icon at the top to take a quick pic of your catch.
  4. Press the species name to see the selection of different species, make appropriate selection.
  5. Press the ‘length’ field, enter the length of your fish using the numbers in your keypad.
  6. Select the fish ‘division’ – under, in, or over the slot.
  7. Verify information and select ‘submit’, then ‘yes’.
  8. You are now ready to log another catch!

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